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  Customer Comments  

Customer Comments

I have appreciated being able to use the APA Referencing Macros from Southern Ocean Software. I am able to do high quality writing and my content has always been given high marks, but my grades have suffered in the past, because I do not give sufficient detail to the APA Referencing. I have the reference manuals, but somehow fail to look up each citation, to be sure it is correct. Trusting my memory is risky, and often the reference would be incorrect, or incomplete. Because my content has always received high marks, I felt that if I could use some kind of tool to "manage" the references, that my grades would be much higher. I am happy to report that since I started using Southern Ocean Software Macros, I have received straight A grades in my writing courses. The macros take away some of the pain of referencing. For example, I take my laptop to the library with me, and when I cite references, I just start filling in the blanks for the type reference. By the time I leave the library, I have the citations and all bibliographic requirements met. Then I do the writing of the body of the research paper, and I can achieve near perfect results, most of the time. This is a major improvement over flipping through the APA reference manual, to see if the reference details are satisfied. Thanks for making a tool for writers, that removes some of the tedium from the task. Those of us who are already quality writers, should not become mired in the referencing details, but instead focus concentration on improving the content and usability of what we write.
Phil Rial

Your software has helped so much. As a university student not having much experience with APA referencing it made this daunting part of any essay the easiest. There was also hardly any way you could get it wrong. It was the best thing I could have found for my essay writing and just gave me that little added confidence in my work.
regards Lisa

I love the APA macros! I am in the PhD online program and must write papers every week. I utilize the APA macros with every paper I write, and currently have an A average in my program. The time I would have spent on formating my paper to APA compliance I was able to spend on content to create a better product.
Judy Brown

I purchased APA Macros while in search of a way streamline the paper writing process for school. What I didn't realize was how much easier it was going to make the process. No more looking up APA formats in different books, no more searching for the proper context of internet periodicals... no more hassle! You saved me a ton of time, and a ton of effort.
Thank you so much!

I have truly loved using APA referencing macros. It has made it so easy to do research papers and now i dont have to worry about how to type the works cited page because the program will automatically put the information in the correct format. I would recommend it to anyone who has to do research papers!!!
Martha Wade

I am a Manhattan College Student in an adult degree program that consists of many papers and I find your macros very helpful. They make the tedious bearable and simplified.

I have been using your software now for about tree months and have had great results in my college classes. My productivity and grades have increase as a result of using the formatting features and that’s a good thing! I only ask that you keep up the fine work.
J. J. Berry

I have been very pleased with your APA referencing macros, I use them frequently in my educational program and I have recommended them to several individuals and entire classes as well. I think you have a terrific product and thank you for your great customer support.
Sincerely yours,
Byron Brown

As a student of DeVry University, which has adopted APA as the format for papers written, I found SOS's APA Referencing Macros a wonderful tool for organizing my papers in the proper format.

As a busy undergraduate student, this utility saved me the painstaking process of assembling a formal reference list once my paper was already written. I can never remember the APA rules for each type of reference, and this product does the work for me! Well worth the cost!

I found your APA program to be very helpful. I used it to do my term papers for the RN program I was enrolled in. It made the papers so much easier to do. The program sets up the APA format. I found it easy to use and would recommend it to anyone who has to use the APA format.
Sincerely, Jodie

I am a graduate student and APA Macros have been a tremendous help to me in the classes I am currently taking. My last two on-line courses required a total of six APA referenced assignments. To be honest I didn't even know what APA referencing was. The program has allowed me to concentrate on the research and writing, while it takes care of the referencing mechanics. Before I got APA Macros I spent hours looking up correct procedures, asking classmates and agonizing over the correct referencing formats. This is time I can't spare, I can now put my energies into the subject matter and not worry about jumping through the referencing hoops. I also appreciate the support I have received, when I first received APA I had a couple of questions on form and was delighted to get an answer the same day. I know this sounds like a cliché but, thank you for a great product at a great price.
Douglas Jones
Olympia, Washington USA

As an MBA student, our papers were required to contain APA references. We had to always insert some form of comments into the essay answers referring to the book. Had it not been for the macros, I would have spent much more time looking up HOW to correctly do a footnote or a reference.

I save so much time after I do my essays now on referencing that I do next weeks paper on the same day. As a Sailor of the United States Navy, a full time husband, father, and student my time is valuable. With the help of the referencing guide for text citations, it alleviates the time I spend on essays and looking up the proper ways to cite the my sources. With APA referencing it helps me to the detail of whatever I'm referencing, whether it is a book, an online database, or just the internet. I'm sure glad I invested in the APA software.
Thanks again.

The APA referencing has been a real help. I started studying my second degree, 4 years after I've finished my first one, and never before did I need to reference properly. As we have to submit all our essays to a Plagiarism site, the referencing has to be perfect, otherwise we get penalised for it. It is really easy to use, only type what you need and off you go. I have saved me hours of trying to figure out the sequence, italics, punctuation etc. Time is something you can't buy, but with the purchase of the APA referencing system, I have bought myself a lot of time.
Amor Kisling

You are a genius, I knew you would find the answer.
This works great. It will really come in handy as I have a lot of papers due soon as I have just enrolled in online courses to enhance my education.

First of all, thank you for allowing me to provide feedback on this "must-have" product. During the course of my school work I have found it to be an invaluable time-saving tool to completing my papers.
Thanks again,
Tom Donson

I've found the macros extremely helpful in composing my papers for University of Phoenix. It saves me a ton of time. If there was one software package I would recommend for college students, this would be it. I tell all of my fellow students to get this macro package.

As a person returning to the online classroom, I find the APA Referencing Macro the one tool that can provide you with the instant ability to complete the required reference papers in the APA format. I have not been in a classroom for several years and this program allows me to concentrate on my time reading and researching the subjects, not worrying about the correct way to format and reference the information. As we all face time constraints in our lives, I would recommend it to everyone going back to college. Especially, if doing your course work online and away from the campus.

The APA Macro program is very efficient and reliable. I found that it reduced my time entering references. It also provides accurate placement of said references according to updates in the APA rules.
Jonathan E. Evans
Florida Supreme Court Arbitrator

I am taking course and I we are writing reference papers every week. APA Referencing Macros has been a great help. I started using APA Referencing when I decided to return to school. Having forgotten a lot about the APA style of writing, the APA Referencing help me tremendously with understanding how to reference and where to put the information. I would recommend APA to not only college students but to professionals who spend time writing.

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for the APA Referencing Micros, because I have been receiving an A on every paper that I have written this semester, and I also plan to use it for Graduate School in the summer.
Wendy Bates

'The APA Referencing Macros is an absolute must-have for me and my studies. As a post-graduate student with a full-time job to hold down, I find APA Referencing Macros saves me so much time. I have received very good comments on my referencing from my tutors each time I hand in a paper. It has saved me literally hours of typing and rearranging lists, etc.'
James Hammond,
Post-graduate psychology student, England

As a graduate student just beginning a doctoral program, I was very fortunate to find your product. It was very easy to use, and did not require anything special to work with Microsoft Word. Many of the students in my cohort group were very frustrated using the APA software that they had purchased and I recommended APA Referencing Macros which they happily downloaded and used successfully.

Thanks for the APA Macros, they have been a tremendous help with my referencing outside sources when writing for my college education. APA style is required by the university and much emphasis is placed on references. The references are closely scrutinized and points are taken off for mistakes. The APA references have made a confusing issue much easier for me. Using the APA macros started me off on the right foot and helped me to earn an "A" on my first ten page research paper and I will continue to use them for the rest of my degree. I am looking forward to the improvements in the future.
Thanks again,
Charles E. Bottoms

I've been using your APA Referencing Macros program for the last few months and have found it to be extremely useful and an awesome time saver!! APA at the university level is extremely important and this program proved invaluable. I would highly recommend it to all to master their referencing needs.
Orville l. Kraley

The APA macros have helped me out tremendously. I have not attended school for over 20 years. When I decided to go back to school I was apprehensive enough, but when I got started and learned I would have to write papers and use APA referencing I thought I was going to quit school. I had never heard of the APA writing style. I hit the Internet and began searching for information; I bought several books attempting to learn this new style of writing. Needless to say this cost me extended amount of time and money. Then I learned about your APA macros. I tried them one time and I was hooked. Even though I knew I could use the macros for free for a limited time I did not hesitate to purchase the macros. This was the best money I have spent so far related to my education. I am not an excellent writer by any means, however I have not received less than an "A" on any paper since I started using the macros. I am not saying the macros are what made the paper an "A", but I am saying they allowed me to keep my papers within the requirements on how to write the paper, which is figured into the final grade of the paper. I have already recommended this program to everyone of my classmates and would recommend it to anyone who is attending higher education whether you are just out of high school or like me are going back to school after an extended absence.
David Jones

I found that the APA Referencing Macros to be a very useful word processing software add-on. For the function of adding references to your document it is easy to use, allows the writer to insert previously used references with a minimum of key strokes, and has a reordering or sort function with one key stroke. The macro includes both a document template for complete APA formatted documents and a blank template to allow the creation of non-formal APA formatted documents.
Mike Lacy

I am currently studying for an MBA and find the macros invaluable. I have used them for every assignment since I installed them. A big big time saver.
Paul Wilton

APA Referencing Macros was the best investment in any software I have made in a long time! As an older college student, I needed a way to make my papers more professional and easy to do, APA Referencing Macros provided that for me and more. If you are taking any courses that require referencing I highly recommend APA Referencing Macros for their ease of use as well as a low learning curve.
Jerry Fray

I am currently using APA referencing macros and I love it! It takes only minutes to start using and has saved me countless hours of work.
Nick Wilkens

As an adult learner finishing a degree after a number of years away, I was more than a little lost when confronted with the requirement to write using the APA style. The APA's manual is not an easy tool to use and I quickly decided to search the web for a software solution. I chose your program because others had commented on it positively and you allowed a free trial use before payment. After using the program once, I knew I was going to buy it. A number of my coworkers are also in the same degree program, several of them found your program themselves, and the rest quickly got it after we told them about it. We all are in agreement that your software is a lifesaver. Thank you for your work on this product, it has made my school work easier. Just the other day my instructor graded a paper with comments on how well I seem to have mastered the APA style!
Thanks again Michael,
David Klinger

For me and many fellow university students, completing an essay without the aid of APA Macro would not seem right. The time saved via the use of this simple tool makes the complicated task of referencing easy. I have been complimented on numerous occasions on the referencing technique used in my essays from lectures (I don't tell them I use the APA macro!) I would recommend this simple tool to anybody who needs to incorporate referencing in there documents.
Keep up the good work

Working at a University, I take many classes to keep improving myself. This product has made the work of etching out a bibliography a thing of the past. Since I started utilizing APA Referencing Macro's my written papers have seen a definitive increase on the grade scale, with many an excellent written on my bibliography page.

Using the Macros has made adding references a breeze. I would recommend this product to anyone who is writing papers for college who does not want to loose points because their references are incorrect.

APA Referencing has been great. It has been a tremendous help when typing my papers for my graduate classes. I was only familiar with MLA previously so I really needed a source to aid in writing APA papers. Thanks for a great product!

Without the APA Referencing Macro, there is NO WAY I would have been able to do half of my papers correctly. The template's format and referencing tool made the tasks so much easier. The format provided the BEST appearance, and was commented on by numerous professors and journal readers. I looked at and tried over a dozen macros and programs, yet this one stood out head and shoulders above all the rest.
Don Finger
Uncasville, CT

I had a marketing class that required six (6!) research papers in one semester. They all had to be APA or Chicago Style. I purchased APA Referencing Macros from Michael Bryant and was amazed at how easy the program was to use! It saved me an incredible amount of time and effort. Inserting sources was a breeze and the "References" page magically appeared in the proper format. I would recommend this program to anyone who has even one research or term paper to do. It is well worth the money!
Greg Goodwin

I find the APA macros extremely helpful. I am currently in a PhD program and use the macros on a regular bases when I do my referencing for the course papers. I have suggested the macros to a number of my fellow learners when ever they have questions on how to do APA references.
Bianca Kroettinger

Michael, I have found your APA macros to be a valuable and reliable resource in my masters degree studies. I would recommend Southern Ocean Software to my fellow learners and professors.
Best Regards,
Ryan Kineshanko

I have thoroughly enjoyed using APA Reference software. Since I started using it, I have been able to get all A's in my Term Papers that I have had to do. It has saved me a lot of time and frustration. I would recommend this software to anyone who has to write research papers.
Thank you again for taking the time to make such a wonderful tool for research writers!!! I have only two more classes to go for my BBA and then, who knows I may go for my MBA. When I first started taking these courses, it scared me to death to think of having to write in the APA format. But now, thanks to your software, the fear is gone and I am confident that I am able to write "A" quality papers.
Jeff LeCureux

Thank-you so much for creating the APA macro. I could not have made it through graduate school without it. All of my professors bragged on my correct use of APA style. I recommend your product to everyone.
Thanks again

The APA Macros I purchased from you was the best money I spent in a long time. Your macros have made writing papers easier and the time spent in formatting infinitely less. If they could do the research and provide appropriate phrasing they would be perfect. But as it is, they come pretty doggone close to that mark of "paper writing perfection". I am glad to endorse a product that makes my academic life easier.
Jim Saunders

Since learning of APA Reference Macros at Capella University August Colloquim, I have been an avid user of the system for all my PhD course papers. I have found that the referencing portion to be very good, easy to use, and a dream even when I am posting online and don't have easy access to my APA manual. I plan to use the macros for my dissertation next year and plan to let all my academic colleagues know how reasonable and efficient the macors are for academic papers.
Patricia Tanner
PhD Student
Capella University

I am writing to you as a successful user of your macro's. I have highly recommended them to my friends at Uni, and they love them! As a person with a learning disability, I find them exceptionally helpful. They have cut my essay writing down by about 2 hours per 2000words (normally 20-25hrs worth). I am a third year Psych. student, and I wish I had them in my first year! Worth every cent... and then some.
Tim Danes

I am a graduate student with the University of Phoenix on-line. A major part of my course of study is to write research papers. I average two or more a week and I absolutely hated trying to figure out how to cite references. It seems I always had something a little wrong, spacing or syntax. Since I have purchased APA Referencing macros, I have not had a single point deducted for improperly formatted citations. I now even volunteer composing the citations for group and team assignments. It makes me look like a professional researcher.
K. Story
University of Phoenix
Graduate Student

After thirty years with the Houston Police Department I made a decision to return to college and obtain a degree. After enrolling with Mountain State University and recieving the book "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association" I seriously considered recounting my decision to attend college. Another student and officer told me about the APA Referencing Macro on the internet with Southern Ocean Software. After downloading the program and using it last semester I can safely say that the macro helped me to stop worring about the referencing and enabled me to concentrate on the courses.
Thanks Southern Ocean Software!
Roy McDonald
Houston Police Department
Employment Serivces Divsion

I wanted to thank you for an outstanding product that fills a much-needed niche for the research student! I just completed my Masters in Business and all of my assignments required use of the APA format. What a God-send your APA Referencing Macros has been! My course was fully online through AIU, so I had little personal support from classmates or staff as to the proper rules and protocol of APA. Your product guided me and helped me produce flawless papers, helping me to earn a 4.0 GPA for the length of my program! I am now commencing my Doctorate program and have just installed APA Referencing Macros 2.0. I look forward to continued success and support from Southern Ocean Software over the next three years. Thanks!
Edward K. Hudson
MBA (American Intercontinental Univeristy)
and Student (Doctorate of Management, Colorado Technical University)

I have been in the U.S. Air Force for the past 17 years. School is a part-time endeavor for me. My duty often requires me to travel overseas for temporary duty where there isn't much "free time" allotted for studies. Your software allows me to utilize my homework time more efficiently by reducing the time it takes to prepare my assignments by at least 50%. Whether in the states or performing temporary duty overseas, please know that your software is making my life so much easier!
TSgt Scott, USAF

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