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ABN 24.619.285.244

  Version 2.31  

APA Referencing Macros
APA Referencing Macros Version 2.31 Beta is available for download especially for MS Vista users.

This version adds digital signatures to the macros and to the setup file, adds a APA Referencing Macros Toolbar, improved recall existing references form, new categories eg Movies, TV programs, Radio Program, Thesis, Dissertations and more. It also now includes citation tool ie Show material deleted from citation, show material added to citation, show emphasis in citation. The program now can be set to Auto-Sort the references as they are entered, or this feature may be turned off if required.

Baby Computer User - Referencing If you wish to try out this version and give me feedback on how it operates on your system, you can download it from Here

If your feedback is worthwhile and timely, and by that I mean I need to know if the program contains any bugs, I will send you the registration key for free.

When sending your feedback please include:

  • Your operating system ie MS Vista Home Premium

  • Your version of MS Word ie Word 2000 Professional (9.0.6926 SP-3)

  • Any bugs that you found in the program.

  • The errorLog.txt file from the installation directory.

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