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APA Referencing Macros, APA Software
Is this you?

  • Have you had enough?
  • Frustrated that your fine essay was marked down because of a comma in the wrong place?
  • Spend as much time referencing your essay as you did to write it?
  • Want someone else to do the formatting and referencing for you?
  • Then our APA Software is for you!

APA Referencing Macros will set up your document before you start, set all the margins, add the title page, Abstract, Method, Participants, Apparatus , Procedure, Results and most importantly the References.

You will no longer have to spend hours pouring through the APA Manual. Just enter the information into the fields provided and this program will enter the in-text and reference citations, formatting correctly and consistently every time.

As a mother and full-time college student, I am always looking for ways to save time without sacrificing good grades and Southern Ocean Software's APA Referencing Macros are a great way to write quality papers with minimum effort. With step-by-step instructions, preformatted pages, and a full help menu, they are great for writing any paper from high school essays to college mid-terms. I have been using the APA software for two months and have received an A on each of four papers with perfect scores on two of them. While helpful as a reference, the APA style manual itself doesn't even approach the value of this software. The APA style is fast becoming the most accepted method of writing papers and these macros are a must have for any college student! Southern Ocean Software also has a great support team that is responsive, friendly, and helpful. For ease of use, technical support, and value, I give Southern Ocean Software a perfect score!
College Senior, TN

What sources can you enter references from?
You can enter references from, books, a book chapter or article in a collection, reports, brochures, journals, newspapers, magazines, movies, DVD, videos, TV, audio tapes, radio, translated works, encyclopedias, non-periodical internet documents, periodical internet documents, parts of non-periodicals internet documents, messages posted to online newsgroups, online forums, discussion groups and internet journal articles from databases, published and unpublished thesis and disertations.

I save so much time after I do my essays now on referencing that I do next weeks paper on the same day. As a Sailor of the United States Navy, a full time husband, father, and student my time is valuable. With the help of the referencing guide for text citations, it alleviates the time I spend on essays and looking up the proper ways to cite the my sources. With APA referencing it helps me to the detail of whatever I'm referencing, whether it is a book, an online database, or just the internet. I'm sure glad I invested in the APA software.
Thanks again.

Why spend hours trying to learn the APA Manual?
Wouldn't you rather spend your time on more worthwhile pursuits?
For only $22.95 US APA Referencing Macros will free up so much of your time and give your essay the grade it deserves.

Actually I got busy with some assignments the trial version I downloaded was great.
The only trouble I had was setting up word to open with the macros every time. Having solved that problem using the Help file everything is great. The macros made referencing so easy, I knew exactly what to put in and it cut down in-text referencing time like you wouldn't believe.
I really love this program and won't do 'manual' !! referencing again!
Thanks so much for developing this macros, I have started to spread the word around so hopefully they won't waste time getting onto downloading this macros.

How do you sort the references when the essay is finished?
With a large number of references that must be a mind-numbing task.
With APA Referencing Macros the references are sorted with a click of a button.

I am writing to tell you that I have used your APA macros for MSWord, and find them to be an outstanding product. I just finished the most stress-free paper of my entire career, all thanks to you!
I only wish that I had this tool while I was finishing my Masters, it would have made the process of writing in the APA format almost painless. Referencing a source using your macros was one of the easiest things I have ever done. While I am quite expert at using Word, it is still not an easy task to put a text reference in and format the reference in the bibliography. Your macros made it almost to simple! They take all of the "pain" out of writing in APA.
I would also like to thank you for your prompt assistance with my initial difficulty in setting up my computer to run the macro program. Your timely response to my request for assistance and easy to follow instructions got me up and running quickly.
Thank you again, and keep up the good work!

Charles R. Pilny, R.N., MSN
Medical Knowledge Author
Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc.
Mayfield Hts., Ohio

Not convinced yet, well why don't you test drive APA Referencing Macros for Free!

Click Here to download APA Referencing Macros now!

Use them Free for 30 day no obligation, then if they are all that we say they are you can easily purchase them securely online, or by phone, by fax or with PayPal for as little as $20.00 US

I had no problems with the page setup and references, citations and reference page.
Worked as well as Reference point software that I usually use.
Now wish I had not spent that $27 for Reference Point software.
David Shelton

Yes there are other programs to reference in APA style
But do they let you test the program first? No.
Are they as cheap as APA Referencing Macros? No.

I have been using your software for several months now and have found it to be most beneficial in preparation of papers I have to write for school. I am in a Masters of Education program and all papers must be in APA format. Your software has made it possible to concentrate on content rather than having to stop and look up the APA rules. Your reference section has saved a considerable amount of time as well, no more struggling with format issues. Overall, I have found your software to be one of the most useful efficient and cost effective programs I have encountered in some time. Thanks again for a great tool.
Tom Leaders

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APA Referencing Macros v2.0 are suitable for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP & Vista using MS Word 97 and above.
So why not try then out today.

Download NOW!

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Learn how to reference in APA Style with our Free eBook Writing in APA Style


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